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5G VS 4G – The Differences to Know

    You’ve probably heard about 5G and 4G, which can move various data from one place to another quickly. In general, it is a fast network and an uninterrupted network. Current 4G devices are converted to 5G only to keep its users up to date faster. 5G technology is new and you may be surprised to know that it can use the radio millimeter band 30 GHz to 300 GHz.

    5G VS 4G

    Comparing between 4G and 5G, it can be seen that 5G4G is about 20 times faster than And its download speed is up to a maximum of 20 GB. So 5G gives us much more than the latest technology. Like this one, there are more! So, let’s check out the comparing …


    With the 5G arrival, everyone has become excited by taking the speed at this time. LTE was capable of transmitting data up to 1GBps in the 4G technology network. But 5G technology is capable of transferring data from 5 to 10 gigabytes to mobile devices and up to 20 gigabytes of data testing. 5G Data 4 supports the Virtual Reality (VR) application with HD multimedia streaming. In addition, using the 5G, millimeter wave, the data rate on the network can increase from 40 Gbps to 100 GB. So, 5G is a much faster mobile network than 4G.


    Latency refers to the measurement of a delayed network to reach a node from one node to another. That means modern networks play a very important role in reducing signaling delay. It can be described as latency for radio signals to travel from the base station of the mobile network to the mobile device. The delay in 4G networks is between 200 to 100 milliseconds. But the next version of the 5G delay was able to show less than 1 to 3 milliseconds. Low latency networks play a very important role in performing special tasks. So the 5G network is suitable for low delayed plications.

    Advanced Technology

    As advanced technology 5G has had a lot of influence today. In order to provide fast and less delayed services, some Advance Networks have been used in 5G technologies, for example, Millimeter Wave, MIMO, Beamforming, and Flowers Duplex have been used to achieve just fast and low-delayed services. To connect the mobile devices to the base station After voice and information are able to take more than 4G. To overcome some limitation of the 4G network, 5G technology is being used to consider its suitability.

    Network architecture

    The current generation of 5G networks is slightly different from the previous generation. Because the previous networks had the traditional essential costly infrastructure, its deadline, maintenance, and limited efficiency, but now 5G’s full infrastructural development is much better than before. The 5G Cloud Radio Access Network, which is called the C-Run, uses the network. Its network operators can centralize and deliver the Internet very quickly, depending on its network base.

    Internet of Things

    Another big term for Internet of Things, which is often discussed in 5G. Connecting millions of devices and smart sensors with 5G internet In contrast to 4G technology, 5G networks will be able to handle many heavy applications. For example, Smart Home, Industrial Application, Smart Health Care, Smart City, etc. The type of communication between a machine type and another machine is another main application of the 5G network. In the autonomous vehicles, the use of low delayed 5G services will control future roads.

    Ultra Reliable solutions

    Compared to 4G, future 5G devices will provide ultra-reliable and much more efficient solutions. Qualcomm is a US semiconductor company that produces and markets digital wireless telecommunication products. Recently, they unveil their 5G modem for their smart devices and future personal computers. The 5G network will be able to manage a lot of information from billions of devices. There is a limitation in the data volume, speed, data delay, rate of 4G and current LTE networks. 5G technology will be able to deal with these issues and provide effective solutions for users.

    Machine Type Communications

    5G is the only initiative for consumers to use it Or not designed to meet the needs, but it also has a great need for IOT applications and other machine-to-machine connected devices. Besides, 5G is much more efficient than the 4G in network expansion in a wider space with less power. 5G services to manage well-equipped incompatibility traffic that is connected to the device.

    Device Intelligence

    Contrary to 4G, there is the power to differentiate between specifications and mobile devices in the 5G network. It uses cognitive radio techniques that can detect each device individually. That means every user will get more customized internet connections from 4G and simultaneously get more access to their devices. According to the local environment, the Internet connection will be able to get faster.


    Some of the above mentioned 4G and 5G have been compared or some of their uses and some excellent explanations have been shown. With the advancement of technology, the future 5G network will be available to us with a lot of benefits. Although you can not use the 5G network everywhere because the service for the devices is still in the examination and development phase. So this service can not be found on most phones. So the above-mentioned descriptions will only be effective after using it.

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