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The Main Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is a surface of computer science that accent the generation of intelligent machine that works and reacts as like a human body. It is a computer-operated machine that works like human intelligence. It is made based on some content, they are- (Recording speech-It record all the speech and when need to say it will speak the record), Learning-(that acquisition of information and give rules for using that information), Planning-(This makes announcement plans based on its overall effectiveness), Problem-solving-(Generally, it searching refers to as finding the information that is needed). Artificial Intelligence can be two types of it, they are,  weak or strong. The weak AI is a narrow AI and it is an AI system that is designed and trained for a particular task. And other hands the strong AI known as artificial general intelligence and this AI system with generalized human cognitive abilities.

    Here, below are the main advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Technology (AI)


    Error Retrenchments: It is able to catch more errors than humans. The error rate is much higher if there are coded properly and the chance of reaching accuracy with a greater degree of legibility is a possibility. They would have incredible clearness, validity, and swiftness. It is applied in several studies such as exploration of space.

    Survival of adversity:  Intelligent robots are sent to some places where we can not go for various information. Whereas they are machines with metal bodies, they are more reverberating and they have a greater ability to hold the space and ill-matured atmosphere. They are created and used to spontaneously the way that they cannot be modified or get disfigured or disruption in an adverse environment. According to the program provided by them, they work in an adverse environment.

    Cost-effective: Need for human work robots and machines do not have to get paid every month for the work they do. Although those machines are pretty much expensive to maintain. But its cost is much lower than the amount of expense that an employer has to pay in an organization. The programs that are set up in the machine, it will continue to work according to any type of fatigue. So Artificial Technologies’ requirements are increasing day by day.

    Enhances Efficiency: Artificial intelligence give work skill. If Artificial intelligence works in the workplace instead of the people, then work would be performed in a more efficient manner. It depends on intelligence. This machine is made without any errors then no misfaith they would be able to perform even the most complex tasks without any error. And in the present world, we can see this. Artificial intelligence has been transformed into a lot of powerful worker day by day.

    Restless: Artificial intelligence does not take rest because they do not need to rest. One of the most advantages of using artificial intelligence in any workplace is that machines and robots can perform lengthy and important tasks in a more effective manner. Like humans, those machines do not have to take a break or rest. And also they don’t need to eat or sleep like us and never fell ill or take leaves. Just they only need to be recharged or refueled by an energy source.


    Costing Rate High:  The building of artificial intelligence be keen on huge costs as they are very complex machines. Their reparation and maintenance required are big costs. They have software programs which need Frequent updates to take place for changing the environment and the need for the machines to be smarter all the time. In case the severe breakdowns, the procedure to recover lost codes and re-establish the system might require huge time and huge cost. So in this direction, it is a lot of trouble.

    Programming problem: Basically many programs set in them that’s why many algorithms are needed here. If there are any mistakes in setting up those programs then the program will not work well. If this program will not work this machine does not work properly. They can not do anything outside the program. For this reason, we have to always be careful to set up all programs and it is a very complex process all the time.

    Not The Replacement To Human: Intelligence is a gift of nature. At present world, an ethical argument continues, where we want to use Artificial intelligence as man’s replacement. But it is not possible. Machines do not have any feelings and ethical values. They carry through what is programmed and also they cannot judge what is good and bad. Even if they face any unfamiliar situation they can not solve this problem. Under such circumstance, they perform these wrongly.

    losses of the job: Arguably, the robots have already taken many jobs on the rally line but now this could put onto the new height. Of course, some matter that artificial intelligence will create more affluence than it destroys but there is the unsophisticated risk that this will not give away on a level, especially by its early expansion. We work through artificial intelligence so many people are their losing jobs.

    Criminal Issues: Think about what might happen if such a wonderful technology sometimes goes to criminals or terrorists? They will use it in all criminal activities which will have a greater influence than anybody can think and because of which law and order will be deteriorated. when AI is used for doing various tasks, where they are used anyway, they will complete that task snugly. So considering this, it will bring harm to us than better.


    Finally, we can be said that Artificial intelligence will play an important role in our future society as we will see a wider difference in technology using AI if we can do it honest or good. It should be appreciated that artificial intelligence has different benefits but it has its difficulty as well. Its benefits and danger should be carefully measured before applying them for the human opportunity. Needless to say in the 21st Century, it is said to be a blessing for us. So, If you own a business or are planning to start one, it is unsuccessful to wait for the AI to touch its complete strong.

    Dr. Song said that we will see a change in five to 10 years but that is an excellent bourgeois determination.

    Shadekur Rahman

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