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Army Men FPS 2 – The Best Army Toy Battle Game for Android

    Obviously, you like to play army men games, that’s why you are here. However, there are different types of army games but our today’s topic surrounded by the best one that can make you happy. Because playing it, you can enjoy the childhood army men battle on your Android phone. The game is Army Men FPS 2 — a strategic toy army war game offering a great amount of thrill and surprises.

    So, let’s know a few more about this game before start playing.

    Army Men FPS 2

    Army Men FPS 2 happens to be the best army men game when you like to play like played in your childhood. The game is easy to play but difficult to master. With stunning 3d graphics, easy on-screen controls, a bunch of challenging levels, this game is outstanding. You’ll love to play it for sure.

    The main objective of the game is to kill and defeat all the bad army men and their evil bosses, who are breaking orders and creating chaos everywhere. You are a one-man army, whose duty is to defeat those bad army guys!

    Just begin your missions, run & jump around, drive vehicles, collect different weapons, develop your strategic & tactical skills, and use them wisely to kill, defeat the enemy army forces to bring peace and the right orders in the house again.

    Army Men FPS 2 Features at a glance

    • Free to download and play
    • Action-packed army toy soldiers FPS shooting experience
    • Easy to play with simple on-screen control
    • Run & jump around, crouch, zoom, and drive cars
    • Collect all 7 powerful weapons including Ar-15, rocket launcher, frag grenade, crossbow, nuke, and pistol.
    • Enjoy 20+ challenging and crazy missions with outstanding 3D graphic
    • A lot of green enemy army soldiers and their evil bosses
    • Play deathmatch with others online
    • Play online or offline, anywhere, anytime

    Download Army Men FPS 2 for Android

    So, download and enjoy army men’s battle with Army Men FPS 2.

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