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Ball Block Breaker – Classic Breakout Brick Game for Android

    There are many types of classic games are available to play on Smartphone that people still loves to play. The Brick Breaker game is one of a kind that’s fun, exciting, and so much entertaining to play. You might remember the classic brick breaker game called D X Ball. If you can remember or like and want to play classic brick breaker games, Ball Block Breaker is one of the best with colorful design and classic style that you can try right now.

    Let’s read a few more about this cool classic game first.

    Ball Block Breaker

    Ball Block Breaker - Breakout Brick Games

    Love brick blaster or block break or brick breaker games? Want to have a lot of fun with the swipe brick breaker balls game and re-experience the nostalgia of the classic bricks demolition game by breaking colorful bricks with the fast-moving ball and different cool power-ups? Try Ball Block Breaker.

    It’s interesting, exciting, and pretty challenging to play, also so much fun obviously. Stunning graphics along with a collection of mesmerizing sound effects collection and fun gameplay made it more enjoyable to have a classic taste. You can play it offline anytime anywhere, no worries about not being able to

    How to Play

    • The rules of play are very simple and easy to understand, just like any classic brick breaker game.
    • Keep the ball bouncing by sliding the horizontal pad at the bottom and the ball will bounce and break the brick wall.
    • Try not to fail to keep the ball on the stick and it falls under, you’ll lose.
    • Try to catch the surprising bonuses like life-ups, speed enhancement, multiple balls, and more produced from broken bricks
    • Finish breaking or demolishing the entire brick wall with no bricks left to break, you’ll move to the next level.

    Key Features

    • Free to download
    • Simple and easy to understand controls
    • Amazing gameplay and stunning graphics along with a collection of mesmerizing sound effects collection
    • Receive life-ups, speed enhancement, brick blaster balls with different powers, and more
    • Lots of well designed colorful levels
    • Great for any brick breaker games fan and all ages of users
    • Play offline anytime anywhere
    • Suitable for all ages of users

    Download Ball Block breaker

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