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3 Best Apps to Get Rise of Kingdoms Guides, Tips, and More

    If you want to name some of the best real-time strategy-based MMO games, Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade will come first. Being one of the most popular games, there million of ROK players worldwide. But, it’s so tough to connect with other players, get advice and helps due to not having a well-managed social platform. However, after researching for hours, I have made this list of the best Rise of Kingdoms companion apps that will help you enhance your gaming experience.

    Here below are the apps. So, let’s check out.

    Rokverse: Rise of Kingdoms Social Companion

    Rokverse is the most trending and popular social platform for Rise of Kingdoms! With this app, players can easily connect with other ROK players, share their passion, and get precious advice when needed. It allows you to find and connect with governors across all kingdoms and civilizations, as well as, share what’s happening in your Kingdom, a new event is coming, a new king, or your most significant achievements on the game.  Using Rokverse, you can even grow your presence as a successful ROK player creating a fan page and get closer to players with the same interests as you by joining other ROK players’ groups.

    Moreover, the app also allows starting a funding campaign, asking your followers to join your cause, and receive donations from your fans and the whole rise of kingdoms gaming community. Another interesting feature is that you can sell your own merchandise to other players and explore others’ merchandise to buy.

    So, whether you want to connect with governors from around the world or want effective ROK guides and tips from a true gamer community to improve your skills, Rokverse is the most perfect option you should go with.

    Download Rokverse for Android or Download Rokverse for IOS

    Rise of Kingdoms Assistant

    Rise of Kingdoms Assistant is another free app for Android that comes with nice features to help you with improving your ROK experience. It’ll help you giving direct access to commander talent trees, speedup, and resource calculators without having to switch between apps. For any calculation, just fill in the speedups, resources, or even the material you want to produce and let the app do the calculation for you.

    The app is very easy to use, works like Facebook Messenger. You don’t need to close the game to access those tools, as well as, there is no need to leave your talent tree page to set up your commanders straight. Simply open and close the app’s bubble while you’re editing your talent trees.

    Download for Android

    Free ROK Companion

    A well-known and pretty good ROK assistant app with a responsive and beautifully designed UI. The app was mainly made as a tribute to the Rise of Kingdom title. It allows you to view details for all available commanders. As well as, also provide you build-guides and tips for your commanders.

    Using it, you can also keep track of your resources with an easy-to-use resources calculator, see how much time you have with the included speedups calculator, so you can plan yourself a win. Besides that, it has a calculator for training troops too.

    Download for Android

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