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Best Free Personal CRM Apps for Android

    In our daily life, we need to manage different things. Managing relationships with friends & family is the most vital among them. However, we try our best to keep our relationships strong, sometimes it doesn’t work. But using a personal CRM app, it’s really too easy to keep the relationships stable and strong. From wedding planning to vacation planning, team coordination to project management, Event management, To-Do lists, Task management, and much more you can do using a personal CRM app. Below are some of the best free personal CRM apps for Android that you can try while you are in need of one!

    So, let’s check the list …

    Intact – Personal CRM

    Intact personal CRM

    Intact is the best personal CRM app when you are seeking the free option first. However, it has an in-app purchase option with free features it’s so good! The app is offered by Niklas Hilmer and it’s designed to help you be the kind of friends and family you want to be. It’ll reintroduce a social schedule into your life in such a nice way that you’ll be able to stay in touch with friends and family members, follow up on important dates and show genuine interest, and track any history of your touchpoints with your friends, and even keep up distant friendships with ease.

    Using Intact, you can also set up reminders for things you want to do regularly. Like bring your girlfriend or wife flowers every other month or going on a trip every month or meeting with your school friends on weekend. The app is so easy to use, no data is stored in the cloud, everything will be stored on your device, also no mobile data is necessary. Isn’t it interesting? So, if you really care about your relationship with family members and friends, download Intact and start using it, you will never drift apart socially!

    Download Intact Personal CRM

    UpHabit – the Personal CRM

    UpHabit is another freemium personal CRM app that you can try out. The objective of this app is to help you manage and organize your personal contacts and business relations with ease. Using it, you can easily connect and message everyone and don’t forget friends’ milestones ever such as a birthday reminder, personal notes about business prospects, or anything that matters to you. UpHabit helps you manage everything on your timeline.

    Overall, UpHabit is a kind of tool that allows you to connect with everyone at any moment for any purpose. From creating personalized notes to syncing your address book to receiving a birthday or a wedding ceremony reminder, and chasing a business email, it’s all are now easier than ever.

    Download UpHabit

    Cloze Relationship Management

    Now it comes to Cloze — a CRM app that’s mainly suitable for professional relationships management. It always helps you at the right moment and remembering what you don’t. It automatically creates one view of every person and company, where you can see all their contact details and the whole history. as well as, your phone calls, text messages, every email back and forth, notes, meetings, files, messages, and more.

    The Smart AI makes sure you never miss any important thing that you need to remember or do. There are other important things you can enjoy using Cloze such as Email open tracking, templates, mail merges, and scheduled send, next steps, and todos, automatic reminders, team collaboration, and in-depth analytics. If you want something feature-riched rather than an easy option, you can try it for sure.

    Download Cloze


    Airtable is our last pick on this list — a fast, flexible, and easy-to-use personal CRM app that helps create tables to keep track of anything you want. It lets you organize anything you can imagine, a modern-style database created for everyone for free. The app is available for both mobile and web. When you use, on your mobile device, the records will be presented as tap-friendly cards, and on the web, it’s a simple spreadsheet interface and you can edit your records easily.

    It has a robust data model too underneath that’s more sophisticated than a spreadsheet that’s why it’s so easy to share data with others and then watch as updates and comments are updated in real-time. So whether you’re trying to create your friends and family list, a  list of sales leads, a product catalog, an employee directory, it has covered everything. There are more things you can do with Airtable such as Wedding planning, Vacation planning, Team coordination, Project management, Event management, To-Do lists, Task management, CRM for personal and small businesses, and more.

    Download Airtable

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