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3 Best Virtual eLearning Apps for Children

    We are having a tough time worldwide because of the COVID pandemic situation. People are locked down, most of the public institutions are closed for a long time, especially educational institutions. Fortunately, virtual education is on and students are taking classes online. But for child education and development, eLearning opportunities are not much yet there are a few. Considering this issue, we have listed the tops 3 best virtual eLearning apps for children in this post that you can use to teach preschool, pre-k, all early-stage lessons to your children.

    Now, let’s check out before choosing …

    EarlyBird – Virtual Learning Children’s Academy™

    EarlyBird is the latest creation that makes virtual learning for kids safer and easier than ever before. If you are looking for the nicest Preschool and Pre-K virtual learning app with the best features, try this one. The app developed and designed by early-stage child development professionals and comes with high-tech crazy features that help you teaching children many early-stage lessons including alphabets, shapes, colors, numbers, feelings, counting, and much more.

    EarlyBird includes the modern classroom technology techniques including Artificial Intelligence (like Amazon Alexa, but as a Tutor), Augmented Reality (like Snapchat for taking classes), Video Games (like Candy Crush but with an educational twist), as well as, Video Tutoring (like Zoom, but as a safe learning boost in case if your child needs extra help), and cool Prizes. With all of these, EarlyBird is becoming the best educational aide for kids ages 2-8. You’ll find nothing like this powerful kids’ eLearning app, it’s going to be the best learning app for children soon.

    Download for EarlyBird for Android; IOS Version coming soon



    When it comes to virtual eLearning for kids, we definitely mention ABCmouse – one of the most popular kids learning apps that has been used by millions of users worldwide. It has a well-rounded curriculum for preschoolers aged 2 to 8, as well as, it’s also suitable for younger kids who haven’t started kindergarten yet or just started.

    The app contains thousands of interactive games, activities, and videos related to reading, math, science, and art. So your kids can learn different meaningful early-stage lessons in a fun way. But the app isn’t free, it has subscription options. If your child doesn’t attend preschool, it might be a good substitute to get them ready for elementary school. ABCmouse also gives rewards to children’s progress with tickets, using which they can purchase virtual items. So kids love it and come back again and again.

    Download for Android or IOS 

    Khan Academy Kids

    Khan Academy Kids

    Khan Academy Kids is another virtual educational app that you should try for your child. Moreover, it’s free to download and use. Khan Academy is popular for not only child education but also for the education of all ages a wide range of courses. As well as, it also allows students to work at their own pace.

    Khan Academy Kids is designed and developed by Khan Academy professionals for early learners from 2-7 years old. It includes books, games, songs, and videos so children can learn reading, writing, coloring, math, language, drawing, social-emotional development, and more with it. All the contents are kid-friendly, so no worries to test it out. . .

    Download for Android or IOS

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