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3 Best Zombie Games for Android

    If you like to play zombie games on your Android and looking for some of the best zombie games, or just want to play zombie games for the first time to have fun, I have listed the 3 best zombie games for Android. With interesting, exciting, and engaging, each one of them will hook you in the game for hours. You can try these games right now downloading on your phone.

    But let’s check the list before downloading.

    Zomvid-19: Insane Zombie Survival Fantasy

    Zomvid-19 Zombie Game

    The latest offline zombie simulation game Zomvid-19 which developed by Odyssey Developments. The game is all about shooting walking dead zombies in order to survive. It offers a massive amount of powerful weapons and explosives that help you to kill zombies and stay alive.

    Just grab your weapons and explosives bag, stand still & keep shooting to kill the blood-thirsty zombies on the way before they reach you. Enjoy daily exclusive bonuses, unlock all the weapons and explosives, and upgrade them to make them stronger. With super HD graphics, cool design, and sound effects, this game lets you enjoy a challenging and exciting shooting experience as you try to defend the zombie attacks. So download and enjoy. Always try to shoot your best to become the ultimate zombie shooter of the game.

    Download Zomvid-19 for Android

    Plants vs Zombies™ 2 Free

    Plants vs Zombies™ 2 is a strategy based-based offline zombie game where you have to survive against various zombies. There are a ton of zombies out there, so either run from or kill as well. It’s very simple yet interesting and fun. With retro-style 2D graphics, funny & enjoyable gameplay, simple controls, and tons of stuff for crafting and base building it will amuse you.

    Simply start, meet, greet, and defeat legions of hilarious zombies from the dawn of time. Built an army of amazing plants, charge them with Plant Food, and implement your ultimate plan to protect your brain. Put your skills to the test, battle across 11 crazy worlds with more than 300 ultra challenging levels, and face other players in Arena.

    Download Plants vs Zombies™ 2 Free


    Now it comes to the Dead Target. The gameplay is based on a story of the zombie apocalypse in 2040. After the apocalypse, a special sniper team was hired to head to the zombie warfare, this could be your last day on Earth. But there is still hope, it’s you, you can make the difference. With modern control, it allows you to enjoy fun and addictive combat. Your only duty is to shoot zombies and save yourself!

    Defend yourself, collect guns and other crazy gears and stuff, improve your shooting skills day by day, and turn yourself into the ultimate Zombie Hunter. With lots of crazy features and customizations, Dead target is a great zombie game for Android. without any doubt.

    Download Dead Target


    So, that’s it. Now, download these best zombie games on your Android, play whenever you want, and enjoy zombie hunting! Let us know your experience or any thought about zombie games in the comment box. We would be happy to hear from you

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