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ChatWise Beta – A Secure Messaging and Social Media App

    When it comes to online social media platforms and messaging, privacy becomes the main concern to worry about. Because most of all, we everyone tries to keep our privacy safe and secure. So, we need a safe and secure option to become social online where we can do all social things including sharing updates, photos, and videos with others, messaging, video and audio calls, following others, and more but keeping our privacy safe. The ChatWise Beta is one of a kind that’s we are talking about. It’s an application, offered by ChatWise UK, and available for both Android and IOS that you can use as a secure social and messaging app without any hesitation.

    ChatWise Beta

    ChatWise Beta is a safe and secure social media platform for messaging and social networking. Not only this, but it’s also the world’s first company that will give its shares to the public (100,000 people around the world) for their help in improving and growing the network.

    There are more! It has a feature called “TALKS” that allows you to meet and talk with people of the same interests as yours. Because research shows that people tend to make friends with same-minded people. From the TALKS option, once you click over any topic you are interested in then you’ll be connected with others for a 7-minutes call. So you can discuss the topic with others who are like you and make new friends across the world, no matter wherever you are.

    Using ChatWise Beta, you can also enjoy FREE quality audio and video calls around the world (one to one, or in a group), as well as, instant fast, and secure messaging to stay in touch with friends and family without having worries about losing privacy.

    You can even do social networking — create posts, do status updates, and share photos and videos with friends and family in a secure & private way, and follow your favorite influencers.

    How to Use ChatWise Beta

    • The are is not much to learn before getting started with ChatWise Beta. It’s so simple and easy to use. Below are the following steps
    • Simply download the app on your Android or IOS device
    • Open it and create your account using your phone number within a second
    • Then choose the topics you are interested in, update your profile information, profile pictures, and other info, and you are all set (however, you can skip the profile info updates if you want)

    Download ChatWise for Android

    Download ChatWise for IOS

    Once your profile is set, you are ready to enjoy all the features of ChatWise Beta and you can try TALKS to meet and talk with others, invite friends and family members, do status updates, share photos and videos, enjoy free worldwide audio and video calls, and more.

    In the end, I can say that ChatWise is definitely is a groundbreaking social media app that’s going to be the next-zen social media platform that’s safe, secure, and filled with amazing modern features. So, download ChatWise Beta today, join with same minded people across the world, and take the chance to win the reward!

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