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GrandQuiz – Trivia Multiple-Choice Question Answer Game

    Do you love quizzes, like to test and challenge yourself by answering multiple-choice questions about your favorite topic? Or are you a trivia addict who is mad at playing trivia quizzes? Here in this post, I have got an amazing trivia quiz game for you. The game is GrandQuiz and I’m sure you will like it!


    GrandQuiz Trivia Game

    GrandQuiz is one best free quiz games right now offered by Chellobee Technologies LLP. The game is ideal for all ages of users, whether you are a student or a knowledge seeker, or love quizzes so much, you’ll find this game very useful and entertaining. There are questions in various categories to choose from when you are ready to answer the questions. You can see the answers at the end of each quiz, and for the correct answers, you’ll get rewards-bees and coins.

    You can also play the classic Snake game in it for having quick fun and earning rewards at the same time! You can play alone or you can challenge other players online in real-time to enjoy a more competitive experience—the same questions will be asked to both of you, the winner will take all. GrandQuiz also has a referral program, so you can invite your friends and earn rewards bees and coins together!

    Compared with other similar trivia games on the market, GrandQuiz is definitely the simplest and easiest way to have fun, improve your knowledge, abilities, and skills. Just download and pick your favorite category to take quizzes, train your brain, and hunt knowledge!

    GrandQuiz Key Features

    • Free to download and play
    • Easy to use UI with eye-catching design.
    • Thousands of well-crafted quizzes in various categories such as Artists, Baseball, Basketball, Books, Biology, Botany, Cricket, Festivals, English, Food, Music, Movies, Personality, and more!
    • Answer quizzes, earn coins and bees by correct answering.
    • See all the answers at the end of each quiz taken
    • View your score at the end of each quiz and share it with friends.
    • Play classic Snake game for more coins and bees, and try dominating the leaderboard.
    • Even challenge other players online, whoever wins will take the reward – coins and bees.
    • Play as a guest or create a free account to save your progress.
    • View your current level, the total number of quizzes taken, quizzes won, correct answers, coins, and bees in your profile.
    • Invite friends and earn rewards together

    Download GrandQuiz for Android / GrandQuiz for IOS

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