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How to Use Smartphone Like a Pro – Top 10 Ways

    A unique device for users is obviously smartphones. Keeping in tune with the era, smartphones provide many benefits to its users. Smartphones have features that can make your life a lot easier if you use or accept it.

    In this article, we’ll show you a series of features that will allow you to use your Smartphone like a pro and which you will be fascinated by. You can also read the article — Smartphone technology – the facts will blow your mind.

    Top 10 Ways to use your Smartphone like a Pro

    Here, we go to explore the most perfect ways to use a Smartphone like a pro user. And, I think, you’ll definitely love the ways.

    1. Ok Google: touchless

    This feature of the current and oldest Android smartphones can be completely free on your Android smartphone. This will turn your referred smartphone into your personal assistant, though it requires an internet connection to use. Because of the Internet connection, it will be managed in case you use it only by activating it by saying “Ok Google” in Google’s voice option.

    And then from there, it can listen and convey your requests. After asking something you can see about superpowers. But before using it, there is a feature of ‘Google Now’. That’s what you need to know first.

    2. Automatically Respond Email

    Android Smartphone is one of the most intelligent applications in the ‘Gmail Inbox’ app. You can organize your email automatically at any time, through this you can see appointment and supplementary. You can also load other essential things here.

    The best part is, you can respond to any email very quickly and easily as you wish. So inboxing and proactively giving the Gmail Inbox a very good proactive performance. It works more smartly in its new version, especially since the Android version 6.0.

    3. Priority Mood

    This Priority Mood was not the first version of Android Lollipop, but this Priority Mood option was introduced in the next version of Android. In it, you can see three different notification modes and you can choose from any of them.

    There are three modes, None, Priority and All. Priority has the second best among the three options, it can set you up properly. Click the Volume button to set it up, and then click on the Settings icon to access the menu.

    In some cases, a quick menu shortcut exists for the button to take effect. You can configure specific events, reminders, calls or messages in its menu. Starting with Android 5.1, this mode can be configured in all models. You can set it up at any time so it will not bother you until your next alarm turns off. It will notify you of each incoming message.

    4. Use The Power Saving Mode

    When you are out of your house all day and you forget to carry a charger or replacement battery with you, this mode is a special thing for you. After Android 5.1, all smartphones have a choice of power mode.

    The power saving mode is one of the makers of Smartphone which includes some ways to extend the battery life for phone calls at an important moment. Battery saving mode can help you go the whole week without charging your phone. This limits the background activities of smartphone applications and makes the standby mode even deeper as the screen turns off.

    Only when the screen is turned on, you will only receive email and Whatsapp messages. However, in addition to this, you should know that some of the techniques of conserving battery power should be adopted.

    5. Data Limit On Chrome

    If you want to save data while using Chrome always to browse the web, there are ways to save data on your device or options. To do this in the Chrome browser, you first have to go to the settings menu. And there you have to look for data saver. Then activate it when you get it.

    After a few days, going to a counting option, you start to see the percentage of data saving. This data is the data that you save until Chrome is used. This means that you can see the amount of data you have saved as long as you browse the Chrome browser.

    6. WPS Button

    If you want you can securely connect to WiFi without entering any type of password. Your used router has a button called “Login” or WPS / Reset. In the Smart Settings menu of Smartphone, you can see a WPS button option.

    The WPS button will have a few seconds to push the router when you click on it. During this time, you will get Wi-Fi access to your Android network. It’s a simple way to securely connect to Wi-Fi without entering the password. Which is incredibly connected to your smartphone.

    7. Android Beam

    One of the most valuable features of Android is the Android Beam Each manufacturer gives it a different name, but it always does the same thing. This lets you attach devices through Bluetooth and move data in small amounts. If you want to transfer data to a large extent, you can also connect via WiFi.

    To use a smartphone beam, both devices need to have NFC. First of all, activate Android Beam on both devices. Go to Settings and then go to Wireless Network. Go to the More android Beam options. If the option is gray, you need to enable NFC.

    Then this interesting feature will be activated. As a result, you can share photos, contacts, or other files that are open on your screen. Android Beam gives you access to photos, web page links, songs, and files.

    8. USB Tethering & Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

    If the internet goes away for any reason or works in your home, you can use your Smartphone as a modem. You can use the direct USB tethering or Portable Wi-Fi hotspot option.

    Basically, to activate the USB tethering, you have to connect your smartphone to the computer. And then going to the settings, just switch on the USB tethering, and it’s done.

    On the other hand, you can use mobile data via a Wi-Fi connection from your Smartphone. The steps are the same, from the same place you can switch the portable Wi-Fi hotspot option where you’ve switched the USB tethering.

    If you do not use a Wi-Fi connection then you do not need it. You can turn it off. This feature is acceptable and functional among the new features of smartphones.

    9. Smart Lock

    All the most modern Android smartphone feature the Android Smart Lock which helps you set up your phone. So that you can easily unlock the specified position. This way you can avoid locking like PIN or pattern on your smartphone for home use.

    You can get the benefit of this by setting up Smart Lock to activate it in your smartphone settings. And, keeping your phone in different places will ensure protection for this Smart Lock setting. Compared to the PIN or pattern lock, it is a locked process that helps a lot to use the phone compared to another lock.

    10. Manage The Apps

    If an application is always frozen or has a debug or is closed manually or does not start, you may have to uninstall it but it is not always necessary. Sometimes, removing the application’s data may solve the problem easily. To do this, first, go to the Settings option and go to the apps in it.

    Then find the problem of the application and from there you can manage what you want to do about the application. For example, you can delete the data from now on, uninstall it, or clear the data of that application. If you do not need it then you can disable that application.


    Smartphone 10 Pro is mentioned above which you can get a better idea about the capabilities of smartphones. The 10 wonderful information mentioned here can tell you a lot. Which you might not have heard before. So we hope that the above-mentioned smartphone issues will increase the scope of your knowledge.

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