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Intact Personal CRM for Android – Manage Your Personal Relationships with Ease

    If you think for a moment about your relationships with the people you love, you can see that many people have been drift apart through time! But it’s possible to stay in touch with those people again and never let them drift apart again! Personal CRM apps come in handy in this situation! Using a personal CRM app, you can easily keep your relationships stable with your friends and family, no matter wherever you are. If you have an Android phone, you should give it a shot for sure!

    Intact Personal CRM

    Intact personal CRM

    Intact is one of the latest personal CRM apps carefully developed and offered by Niklas Hilmer.  If you are struggling to manage your relationships with friends, family, and others who you care about, this could be a nice pick for you. The aim of the app is to help you stay in touch with your friends and family in a simple and easy way. Reintroducing a social schedule into your life, it’ll help you with

    • Stay in touch with friends and family members
    • Keep up distant friendships with ease,
    • Follow up on important dates and show genuine interest
    • And, track any history of your touchpoints with your friends.

    In addition to that, you can also use Intact to

    • set up reminders for things you want to do regularly like bringing your girlfriend
    • or wife flowers in every month or going on a trip with your kids every month,
    • or visiting your grandpa every week, etc.

    Steps to get started with Intact

    • Download and open the app after installing
    • Add your contacts and set up a touchpoint frequency
    • Add touchpoints and write notes or details to remember
    • See an overview of all past touchpoints
    • Add a reminder for recurring or sporadic dates
    • See an overview of all reminders that have been st for a contact
    • Get an overview of all past and future touchpoints
    • Check out high-level stats of your social life

    In terms of other features,

    • There is no data is stored in the cloud, everything will be stored on your Android device,
    • Your data will stay with you, no worries about losing any of your personal info.
    • Also, there is no need for cellular data or Wifi to use it.

    So, what are you waiting for? Download the Intact app right now on your Android, use it, and don’t get anyone to drift apart ever again! Stay in touch with the people you love and keep your relationships strong, enjoy your life!

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