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The Positive and Negative Effects of Technology in Our Health

    You believe it or not that modern technology is profound in our daily life. But also The digital/modern technology is a large impacted thing on its users. By its using effectiveness mentally and physically on its users. The effect is also negatives or positiveness both.

    “When we used to sit in front of the TV in our childhood Then our parents forbade us to sit in front of the TV and they would say rot our brains and our eyes would be fall out. After passing some days when cell phones came out, everyone said the radiation from them was damaging our brain cells”-Unpleasant truth that today’s we see that things really aren’t much different. The all modern technology is effective for us.

    Starting from sleeping to until going to sleep we live with many various devices, software programs, and tools. So its effects spread to human life. New technologies are introduced every single day and with new concerns. But how is technology impacting our health? Try to find it’s positive and negative effects in our health below :

    Advantages of technology

    • Using advantage: We uses the technology to travel, to communication, to learn, to do business and to feel comfortable, it is very useful to us, it played an important role in our life.
    • Strengthen Relationship: It helps to us to Harden all relationships. By using modern technology we communicate with all our old friends, colleagues, and co-workers very easily.
    • Reduce costing: It helps to reduce all costing. For example, The e-mails cause speed delivery of messages, it reduces paper costing.
    • Worldwide communication: physically we can never communication at one moment all over the world but we using the technology we can do it.
    • Application for fitness: One of the technologies in technology is a mobile phone. It has some application that was designed to connect to other health and fitness related apps we might have on your phone we can advantages for our fitness by those applications.
    • Distant Access to Healthcare: One study has been found that “more than 70 percent” of the healthcare center is using telehealth or telemedicine technology provide services for their patients. It’s a valuable thing for our health care.
    • Using apps for health: Today’s some apps using that are train to improve our some organs. For example, “Lumosity” is one such application. It helps train the brain and improve memory, attention, and focus.

    Disadvantages of technology

    • The effect over the child: Today, technology has the worst impact on the use of children. After much influence on his mind’s and mentality.
    • Technologies Radioactivity: The all modern technologies have certain amount radioactivity. It is very harmful to human life. The radiation therapy is one of the technologies who gives many radiations. For more using radiation therapy there are many types of cancer.
    • Lose The Hearing: According to research, headphones at high volume can reach 105 decibels. If any human listening to music with headphones for more than five minutes per day at the high volume he is sure to risk for permanent hearing loss. But most of us do not know the important things.
    • Eye-Strain: We are sitting in front of the computer continuously. That’s why some problem we will be face- eye discomfort, headaches, Itchy eyes, Blurred vision, Changes in color perception and many other things.
    • Physical Problem For Children: With the use of internet children are getting addicted to online games and their physical activities and exercises are becoming considerably less. And that’s why they are becoming weak and lazy.
    • The Nuclear Energies Effect: Today’s era the most impotent things is nuclear energy. It is very harmful to the human body If it does not work well. The ingredients that are used as raw material are damaged in the human body.
    • Electronic Devices Effect: For the most part, people feel lonely due to an electronic device running. Also, he does not want to mix with everyone.


    At the end we can say it at all, Technology is like a coin which has both positive and negative sides all the time. But we have to choose how can we use it. Where is the use of everything is not good when it’s used overloaded. So we should take the situation now, how to use the technology for considering the health risks of ourselves and our future generation.

    Shadekur Rahman

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