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Scanoma – Mole Checker for Android and IOS

    If you notice the growth of different cancers, you’ll see that skin cancer is one of the most common cancer types that people are suffering from. This means people are seeking medication and care for skin cancer most and the most common skin cancer type is melanoma which begins from skin moles. As an example, a skin mole that changes its appearance and gets bigger in size suddenly could cause skin cancer.

    So, if you have a mole on your skin that makes you worried, you better check that with a professional dermatologist to know the risk of having skin cancer. You can go to the doctor’s chamber or you can choose other ways, like using a mole checker on your smartphone. There are several smart and modern apps that can help you with checking your moles and evaluating the risk of skin cancer, get experts’ advice, and even a second opinion if you needed. Scanoma is such an app that you can try from your home without going anywhere.

    One more thing that you should know is that if you can detect a skin cancer in its early stage it gets easier to prevent the growth and get well soon. So, you must check the mole if you see it’s changing its appearance or getting bigger.

    Scanoma Mole Check Dermatology

    If you see around, there are only a few apps you can find that can help you to check your skin moles and understand the future conditions of that moles. Scanoma is one of the best of them that you can trust! It’s a nice application with an easy to use interface. All you need to download the app on your Android or IOS smartphone, snap a picture of your mole and then send it to a scanoma doctor for a checkup.

    After the check-up and diagnosis with the advance AI algorithm trained from thousands of images, you’ll get the results of the risk of skin cancer. You can even get a second opinion from a trained dermatologist from the privacy of your home using your phone with Scanoma.

    Note: The free scanoma AI exam analysis doesn’t replace the physical evaluation of skin cancer by a trained doctor. If you are in doubt, connect with a dermatologist on scanoma for a second opinion. No worries! Also, remember that scanoma works best with clear, unobstructed skin images and doesn’t work with tattooed skin and for kids; skin issues.

    Features at a Glance

    • Simple, easy to use, free to download
    • Check your moles, calculates your skin cancer risk
    • Easily conduct self-exams with instant results
    • Computer vision technology with your phone’s camera to help you capture and analyze moles you’re worried about
    • Connects you with dermatologists for a second opinion from your privacy
    • Save yourself the hassle of booking and waiting for a skin check
    • Learn from the blog about skin issues and skincare

    Download Scanoma for Android or Scanoma for IOS



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