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Smartphone Technology – The Facts will Blow Your Mind

    Nowadays, we can not imagine our lives without a mobile phone to return. Originally started with mobile phones, first of all, to add to it. It has become an essential part of our life in daily life. In truth, it has become a part of our lives. By phone, our lives have become much easier and help us in many matters.

    For the past decade, smartphones have come up in the form of electronic gadgets such as calculators, watches, cameras, etc. But behind this smartphone, there are many small facts or experiences that can surprise to you, which you may have never heard of before or have never heard of.

    What is Smartphone Technology

    Smartphone technology is a technology that handheld mobile computing devices. And not just connecting cable like a telephone. The other difference is that their main difference with ordinary mobile phones is that they are more powerful in any competence than ordinary phones and their hardware is also very strong.

    The main focus of the smartphone is its operating system with web browsing, software applications, phone calls, or text messaging and multimedia. All these feature-rich phones can be called smartphones.

    The Mind-Blowing Smartphone Technolgy Facts

    Here below. we’ve curated the top 12 facts about Smartphone Technology that obviously blow your mind and you’ll be amused! So, let’s have a look …

    1. Average Smartphone Has More Computing Power Than Satellite

    Modern automated features have been added to the current generation of smartphones. One study found that the GPS tracking of smartphones, multiple accelerometers, motion sensors, radio receivers are very capable. And the ability of smartphones to land in the moon has more computing power on this mobile phone compared to Apollo 11’s used computers.

    2. The First Cellphone Went on Sale for $4,000

    You may know that the first mobile phone sale starts in the United States. The first ever built mobile phones are sold for about US $ 4,000 in the US. If you imagine who you are now, you will be surprised to hear it.

    3. SmartPhone Has More Bacteria Than A Toilet Seat

    You will be surprised to know that the cell phone you are using is carrying more germs than your toilet. Imagine how much germs you are carrying throughout the day.

    Studies have shown that you have more germs on this smartphone than the number of germs present in your body during working all day. Scientists at the University of Arizona have found in their studies that cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats.

    4. 1.9 Billion Smartphone Users In The World

    It is true that smartphones are also coming into the market due to the rapid development of smartphone companies. And every time new smartphones are coming to the market that people are buying their favorites one. As a result, more than one-third of the world’s population is currently using smartphones, which is really fabulous.

    5. Android Attack By Malware

    It is a matter of great concern that if you are in love with Android, it is good to know that most of the smartphones created for Android are Android-based. The goal of this malware is to target Android. 99% of malware attacks are very different and specific.

    6. Android 3.0 never ran on phones

    You must have seen different versions of Android. Now runs on Android, watches, TVs, and cars, but you do not know that there was no such feature at the time of Android 3.0.  Apple announced the creation of its iPad in 2010, especially the tablet for Android 3.0.

    7. Android 1.0 Wasn’t Named

    The Android version of the Android operating system that we are currently using is the first version of Android 1.0 when it was made, it was named after it was created. After the creation of the device, it was named after which many of us are unknown.

    8. Salary of Apple Employers

    We have long been aware of Apple’s employers. But at the moment, many of us do not know how much the salaries of those who work in Apple companies You will be surprised that an employee of Apple’s headquarters has an average salary of $ 125,000 a year.

    9. Android was more exciting than the iPhone

    If you are asked to compare between Android and iPhone, what is the most exciting and attractive phone among them now? You will definitely talk about the iPhone. But this did not happen in 2007. At that time Android phones were much more interesting or exciting.

    10. Phone radiation wrecks sleep

    A recent study by scientists has found that due to the excessive use of additional phones, its disadvantages have some impact on us. The radiation that comes from the phone is very close to the phone, and it affects our body and mind. Mobile phone radiation can reason sleeplessness, headache, and confusion.

    11. 68% Of People Check Their Phone In 15 Minutes of Waking Up

    Unexpectedly, 68 percent of the people who use the phone wakes up from the phone and wake up. There are many people who use the phone as an alarm.

    12. Checking your phone

    Based on the Nielsen tracking statistics, one study found that mobile phone users have been checking their phones almost 150 times per day.


    At present, the mobile market, especially the smartphone market, has brought many important sections in front of us. The different functions of the smartphone are getting innovation in front of us, which we are seeing apparently. Some of the above mentioned smart facts are highlighted in front of you. Obviously, they touch your mind.


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