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StormX – Shop and Earn Crypto as Cashback Rewards

    Do you like to get cash back rewards after you shop online? Do you want to earn cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherum? If yes, then this post might be helpful for you. Because here I’m going to share an ultra-smart shopping app that gives you cashback in crypto. The app is StormX — the easiest way to earn crypto without any risk or hassle!

    So, let’s read more detail about StormX below first before we start shopping with it …

    StormX: Shop and Earn Crypto

    If you are thinking about earning crypto without doing anything and for free, StormX is the option you must try. Just shop at your favorite stores and earn crypto Cashback. Whatever you want to buy online, no problem. It has over 1,000 popular stores including eBay, Nike, Addidas, Gamestop, Kroger, and Sam’s Club.

    When you shop your chosen items with StormX from your favorite online stores, you earn rewards that you can then withdraw in the cryptocurrency of your choice including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, StormX — STMX, and DAI. The cashback amount could be from 0.5% to over 87.5%, depending on your StormX Reward Membership level. As higher your level will be, as higher cashback you’ll get.

    All you have to do is shop online like you normally would and there is no worry about signing up to dodgy exchanges or entering your credit card. After shopping, once you open the StormX app to see your rewards and then you can leave it in the app or withdraw it to your private wallet. So easy.

    How to Use StormX

    • Simply download the app on your Android or IOS smartphone (there’s also a Chrome extension to make life to make it easier to use).
    • Go to your favorite stores
    • buy some awesome stuff of your choice
    • sit back and chill while your rewards come rolling in
    • Then, choose your favorite cryptocurrency for the rewards’ exchange and you are set

    Download StormX for Android or StormX for IOS or Chrome



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