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Sweet Fruit Candy Mania match 3 Puzzle for Android

    The Matching puzzle is the kind of puzzle that is simple, easy to understand, and play yet pretty challenging, and most people love to play. However, there are different types of matching games but here we’re talking about Match 3 Puzzle. So, if you like to play matching puzzle games like Candy Crush, Sweet Fruit Candy Mania is a nice choice that you can try and you’ll not be disappointed I think so far.

    Sweet Fruit Candy Mania

    Sweet Fruit Candy Mania

    One of the best match 3 games for matching candy blast puzzle games. You can think of it as a fruit candy world where different types of colorful candies and you need to match them, crush them, and blast them. It sounds simple and easy to play but challenging too, don’t forget that it’s pretty challenging too. You must need to have and use proper skills and strategy to win all the levels! Moreover, there are special fruit candies and power boosters that you can use to get benefits when you get stuck.

    There are hundreds of beautifully and intelligently designed levels full of colorful fruit candies to provide the best adventurous and challenging match 3 gaming experience. It’s suitable for both adults and kids to get entertained for hours, as well as, also you can play it offline, anytime, anywhere. Like if you are having stressed or depressed, or just want to pass your leisure time, or just want to train your brain for a while, play it — you’ll love it!

    How to Play

    • Free to download and play simple matching puzzle
    • It’s easy to play, just like other match 3 puzzle games. Below are the steps –
    • Simply swap and match 3 same color fruit candies which are just right next to each other
    • match 4 or more of the same candies horizontally, vertically, or like T to create powerful magic candies
    • Use magic candies to blast more candies than usual when needed
    • Keep your eyes on the target, be patient, match the fruit candies wisely, and get to the next levels.
    • Try to achieve the highest score possible.
    • Play anytime anywhere offline or online
    • Suitable for everyone including kids and adults

    Download Sweet Fruit Candy Mania

    So, what’s now? Download Sweet Fruit Candy Mania on your Android phone, play whenever you like, and enjoy your time with interesting, adventurous, and sweet puzzles.

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