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The Race – 3D Motorcycle Racing and Fighting Game for Android

    There are different types of racing games are available today for playing on Android phones and we love to play those games. I think you love to play racing games too because you are here and you are going to meet with an intense motorcycle combat racing game. The game is The Race — an adrenaline rush fighting racing game with cool 3D graphics and crazy gameplay.

    So, are you ready to start? Let’s go …

    The Race – 3D Motorcycle Racing and Fighting

    The Race SS

    If you are looking for one of the best fighting racing games available for Android, you should try The Race for sure. It’s a very intense racing game that brilliantly combines fast motorbike racing with fighting. Can you imagine! To start with, all you need to download the game, open it, and just pick your ride and start racing — kicking and punching are not only allowed but highly ENCOURAGED here! So are you ready?

    The goal of the game is to finish the race without dying. Also, you have to shoot at incoming obstacles and do bike stunts to get extra points when the race ends and be sure to pick up speed & life boosts along the way. Don’t forget that the better you get, the more game modes you unlock and play. So, get ready, take your bike on the street, start the race, and try your best to beat your own high score, and finish all the game modes available.

    Key Features of The Race

    • Totally adrenaline-rush racing gameplay: Control your motorbike on a highly trafficked highway while trying to stay alive, kick/punch your opponents to finish first, and get bonus points for destroying cars and doing stunts.
    • Choose your ride: What suits you better – a sporty biker or a big-belly driver? There are multiple bikes to choose from, each with custom colors, and even change your own outfit from over 10 different styles.
    • Multiple gaming modes: Start with a Checkpoint Champion race, where the goal is to safely drive through all the set checkpoints. There are difficult play modes too, such as the Objective Rider or Extreme Race.
    • Boosts and interactions: As you drive your motorbike on the street, you have multiple actions that can be done to win the race. Punch or kick your opponents, shoot obstacles do stunts, and collect speed or healing boosts.
    • Awesome 3D Graphics: Enjoy realistic traffic behavior and impressive 3D graphics, fast-paced soundtrack. All of this is for you to have a great combat racing experience.

    Download The Race on Google Play

    So, what are you waiting for? Get ready! Download the game and enjoy addictive racing and fighting gaming experience on your Android. Play anytime anywhere!

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