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Top 10 Popular Programming Languages to Learn – 2019

    It is a type of artificial language that is used to control the behavior of a machine, especially a computer. For example, to use different languages, as well as, to have a language for computer programs. There is some word store in a programming language that sets a computer or a computing grammatical rule to perform a specific task.

    There are currently a variety of programming languages ​​for the use of programmers and making new languages ​​more day-to-day to simplify the program. The programming language usually refers to upper-level languages. For example, there are some high-quality programming languages ​​in addition to C, C ++, Cobalt, Java, Fortran, Adda, and Pascal.

    1. Java – the undisputed winner

    For the past few years, the Java programming language has been top of the popular programming language charts. According to TIOBE, Java has been known to have been known as a programming language protected by any programming language for almost several decades. Many big companies in the world use Java programs most often to develop their software and applications.

    If you have the ability to float in Java then you do not have to struggle to find a job. The main reason behind Java’s popularity is its portability, measurability, security and connecting with a broader community of users.

    Career Opportunity: Application developer, Web developer, Software Developer, EJB programmer, Tester, etc.

    2. C programming language

    As still dependent among the oldest programming languages, C is still in the process of being one of the top programming languages. Because of its portability features, initially by Microsoft, Oracle and Apple’s technical giants, have come up with initial acceptability, which is still in progress.

    It works with almost every system, and it is also a language suitable for operating systems. Since C has a relatively short runtime, it likes to review the systems in perfect order. As a very easy and effective language, C language has been highly recommended for beginners. C is the universal language of programming languages ​​and it has spinoff languages ​​like C ++ and C #, which is why it is called Mother of programming language.

    Career Opportunity: Application Developer, Software Developer, Tester.

    3. Python

    For the past 15 years, Python has been increasingly growing among the popular programming languages. This year, the rate of Python usage has increased significantly and it has been considered as one of the most popular programming languages. It has been in the top five languages ​​of the TiWEE index for the last few years. A program is able to protect any spot.

    Some of the most promising programs behind most of the important technologies work in them, machine learning, big data, robotics and Python in recent years have gained huge popularity in this sector. You will be surprised if you understand how easy it is to learn Python. Just because of this, many developers choose Python as their second or third language to program them.

    Career Opportunity:  Quality Assurance Engineer, Software Developer, Software Engineer,  Web Developer,  Data Science.

    4. JavaScript

    According to the Stack Overflow, JavaScript is one of the most popular languages. More than half of the global developers use JavaScript. It is highly relevant and relevant for front-end development and back-end development. It is currently being expanded into games such as Game Development and IOT Internet.

    JavaScript allows you to create interactive websites and is an essential web development tools technology as well as HTML and CSS. Most browsers implement and access JavaScript. It is very important to learn this language in web development, but it is important to know some of the functions that you can easily select and make it easy for all accessible UI.

    Career Opportunity: Software Developer, Web Developer, Data Testing.

    5. C++

    This object-based programming language was first created in the 1980s, and it is still used to create desktop web applications and to apply it to numerous systems, including server infrastructure. C ++ still maintains its flexibility and performance.

    It’s a multi-demand and much more secure program where you can use it. A career in C ++ is usually associated with desktop applications. The C ++ authority will give you a profound understanding of the programming language and will help you with low-level skills. So it has more impact than others.

    Career Opportunity: Database engines, Operating Systems, and Compilers, Financial platforms, Gaming industry.

    6. Visual Basic .NET

    In the most popular programming language list for the year 2015, the Visual Basic-.Net has been ranked at the top 10. In addition, for the last few years, it has kept its position due to some extraordinary features. By which many developers can develop Strong sites.

    This is one of Microsoft’s OOP languages, which is a .net framework-based language and it can combine the work of runtime and function at the same time. For Windows platform, its code allows easy and fast desktop applications to be created. So it is one of the most programming languages ​​in terms of popularity.

    Career Opportunity: Software Developer, Senior Engineer, QA Automation Engineer, DevOps Engineer.

    7. C#

    C # is a sophisticated object-based programming language built by Microsoft and created as a Java language competitor, which was used extensively in business software development at that time. It is designed to develop applications for Microsoft platforms and requires the .NET framework to work on Windows platforms.

    You can use C # in all the development, but it is particularly powerful in Windows desktop applications and games development which is not in any other language. However, due to the greater application or expansion of the Java language worldwide. Its popularity has declined steadily in the last two years, and this year, it has dropped one step further.

    Career Opportunity: Application Engineer, Game Developer.

    8. SQL Database

    Changes in the ranking of the SQL database language have changed over the last few years. Its usage is increasing and it is now the eighth place from ninth place. Several times, according to the TIOBE index report, the SQL database is one of the top 20 programming languages ​​that are fast approaching and popular.

    Despite the use of other databases for querying, this standard quality query language has been used for the last 4 decades to manage the database. Wherever any language related to the database is used, the SQL database is most often used. The main reason for this is simplicity, reliability, easy to be retained and it is an active open source that increases the range of language worldwide.

    SQL is usually much easier to learn than other languages ​​and in case of career emergence, SQL is a required database language.

    Career Opportunity: Database Developer, Database Administrator, Data Scientist, Database Tester, App Developer, Web Developer

    9. PHP for Web Development

    According to TIOBE’s report, PHP has been displaced for the rise of the SQL database and is ranked 9th in the most popular programming languages ​​of the year 2019. PHP has been used mostly for servers for the development of around 80% of the worldwide internet scandal. Facebook is the most popular social networking site started by PHP. And later, when the WordPress content management system is developed by PHP, it becomes very popular.

    In order to simplify the speed of their work, PHP developers take the help of different frameworks like Laravel, Drupal, to create fast applications. So if you are thinking of carrier for web development then you can start with PHP so that you can easily organize your work.

    Career Opportunity: App Developer, Web Developer.

    10. Assembly Language

    Assembly language refers to the text of human language used in particular computer architecture. This is a low-level programming language for microprocessors and other programmable devices. This is a basic programming language that can work with the help of any processor. Assembly language programmers can only perform tasks that can be applied directly to the CPU. It is a language rich in lower-level code.

    However, it learns how high-level languages ​​work or their basic concepts are available and helps them understand better. So before coming to the world of programming, you have a very good idea about the program, this assembly language is very important and a lot of the necessary language.

    Career Opportunity: CPU Architecture Software Engineer, Mainframe Programmer,


    The list of the most popular programming languages ​​listed above is listed in the list of the above languages. I hope the ratings of these programming languages ​​mentioned in this list will help you to incorporate into the right career path and software development sector based on your preferences or interests. Since there are some advantages in each language at the same time, you can take the time and choose the appropriate language accordingly. And keep a good idea about the language you think is appropriate for you.

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