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Top 10 Tech Careers that Could be Your Next Job

    Not in the past in the story of the human nation has society been more dependent on technology. We want to use the application for the way we live, whatever we discuss or what we do all the time, This called digital transformation. The digital transformation has also completely qualified the demands of our jobs. For one, it’s made new introductions and Impact a few professions at the forefront of the workplace. Surprisingly, within which that is rising fast is information technology. So, if you’re thought about following a career in this industry, then you’re in a proper company! To give you a head-start, there are few of the top and greatest-paying IT jobs you should check out!

    1. AI and Machine Learning

    AI is the idea of machines being capable to convey out tasks in a method. Machine learning is an application of AI and it is a path to let computers know how to use all obtainable data to create a decision or conduct a task more efficiently. There’s a deficiency of efficient people in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Following to internet/web/AI, and the transformation it is difficult to search technology leaders who can handle teams made of AI and data science.

    So, if you genuinely need to start lessoning AI, there are courses attainable online and on platforms as Udemy. It is estimated that there will be a 60% rise in demand for AI and machine learning specialists in 2019.


    • Programming Languages like Python/C++/R/Java.
    • Probability and Statistics. …
    • Data Modeling & Evaluation. …
    • Machine Learning Algorithms. …
    • Distributed Computing. …
    • Advanced Signal Processing Techniques. …
    • Other skills

    Average Salary: $154,000


    2. Infrastructure Architect

    If you mix the work of an enterprise architect and a safety analyst, then you in the meantime have a concept of what infrastructure architects make. Severally from checking and evaluating a company’s safety requirements, they also consulted or develop new and improved systems to replace ancient and invalid ones. Infrastructure architects are also Fateful to the integration of new systems and are often build point-persons for technical approach and backing.


    • Project management experience.
    • Experience with web technologies and building enterprise architecture roadmaps.
    • Experience managing, integrating and designing complex infrastructure solutions.
    • Knowledge of database management and client-server network.

    Median Salary: $133,000


    3. Computer & Information Systems Manager

    It also named IT project managers, computer and information systems directors are moving forward and skilled professionals who determine information technology goals and make systematic schemes to meet them. Like multiple managers, they receive an all-encompassing refuge to their jobs, assignments and organizing phases of an operation.

    As a computer and information systems manager, you will basically straight all computer involved work and determine the move to make an excellent network and software system.


    • Management of Financial Resources.
    • Technology Design.

    Median Salary: $131,600


    4. DevOps Engineer

    DevOps exercises cheer faster code deployment with several deployment licking, so more companies are hiring engineers with DevOps experience to coding, scripting and methods development. They often handle IT infrastructure, dispensation funds, take care software testing and monitor performance after relief.

    These workers boost facilitate code updates, approve companies to always pinch and enhance methods in the organization for greatest efficiency.


    • Coding and scripting skills
    • Automation, data management and IT operations skills
    • Deep understanding of DevOps best practices
    • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

    Median Salary: $123,378


    5. Developer (web, software)

    The job needs designing, coding, and making applications, mobile apps or websites working with many programming languages such as C++, C#, HTML, Microsoft, Java, .NET and SQL Server.

    Developers must be prepared according to the client’s needs and must be enabled by the developer according to the client’s demand to provide for progressing software, web and mobile applications to confirm they meet user needs.


    • Knowledge of multiple programming languages
    • Analytical and technical skills
    • Strong communication skills
    • Bachelor’s degree in computer science
    • Two-year associate degree with certifications, boot camps, and prior work experience

    Average Salary: $126,710


    6. Software Engineer

    Software engineers design, develop, and optimize computer programs used in places, for example, business applications, operating systems, social networks, and video games. The field surrounds a comprehensive extent of careers and professional characters.

    Some software engineers may work on learned software or projects for niche companies, while another may work on software for databases and networks for big groups or government authorities. Software engineers typically work in teams with another engineer, as well as administrators.


    • Computer programming and coding.
    • Software development. …
    • Object-oriented design (OOD) …
    • Software testing and debugging. …
    • Problem-solving and logical thinking. …
    • Written and verbal communication. …
    • Teamwork.

    Median Salary: $114,710


    7. Database Administrator

    Database administrators set up databases according to the needs of the company and work efficiently. They work frequently the database in whose application is running in the social media. They are dependent on others, implementing security measures to ensure sensitive information. And at the same time, they also work together to combine different data.

    It is very important to keep the Database administrators in touch with programs on the computer. These people have the opportunity to work in the public and private sectors and they are employed in this area. DBAs do work as consultants for some organizations.


    • problem-solving and good analytical skills.
    • communication, teamwork and negotiation skills.
    • familiarity with the main data manipulation languages and the principles of database design.
    • good organizational skills.
    • flexibility and adaptability

    Median Salary: $110,020


    8. Data Analysts

    Data analysis is an important skill for the 21st century. And, as data analysts have their demand for all sectors, such as financial, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, education and government enterprises. They not only need to understand the data but also be able to provide to analyze the data and keep a clear idea from the data.

    And, the data analyzers are usually given a data set to work and analyzing these data, they use Excel software to report reports and report reports for internal data. That’s how they work.


    • A high level of mathematical ability.
    • Programming languages, such as SQL, Oracle, and Python.
    • The ability to analyze, model and interpret data.
    • Problem-solving skills.
    • A methodical and logical approach.
    • The ability to plan work and meet deadlines.
    • Accuracy and attention to detail.

    Median Salary: $110,000


    9. Mobile Application Developer:

    Mobile applications are the first in all of the fastest growth opportunities available in the world to develop. We use our smartphones and tablets to communicate, trade, news and entertain purpose. That’s why the demand for this technology is growing at an incredible speed around the world.

    The demand for skilled developers is increasing day by day. Currently, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS platforms provide the most work opportunities for mobile developers.


    • Mobile User Interface Design.
    • Cross-Platform App Development. …
    • Backend Computing. …
    • Modern Language Programming Skills. …
    • Business Capability.

    Average Salary: $103,000


    10. Software Tester

    After the software is created, it is properly marketed for marketing and testing it before marketing, software testers work properly. And confirming its effectiveness is very important for that software. Monitoring and evaluating the quality of the software, step by step monitoring and providing the necessary software to human beings.

    With the emergence of technology, there has been a need for many skilled testers in this sector and the growth of this sector is increasing day by day.


    • Concept of Engineering and Technology,
    • Concept of Math and science,
    • Verbal and Written Communication,
    •  Have to Problem-Solving logic
    • And have to Practical Skills

    Average Salary: $84000


    The IT quality gap is just going to extend in 2019-20 and beyond. While this presents a challenge for organizations, for IT pros committed to making on their abilities, it is a scope to ride these aptitudes and get ahead of their fellows by snagging the hottest IT jobs. Businesses are preparing to offer attractive pay scales for people with the right tech qualities in order to bolster their IT competencies.


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