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Tower Ball Blast – a Free and Offline Arcade Stack Ball Game for Android

    Arcade games are mainly simple, easy to play, and a fantastic way to have fun. Moreover, most of them are playable offline. So if you love to play arcade games like old-school, here I have got a nice one for you Tower Ball Blast — one of the most popular stack ball tower blast games with cool 3D graphics and satisfying gameplay. You’ll like to play it for sure.

    So, let’s go …

    Tower Ball Blast

    Tower Ball Blast

    Tower Ball Blast is a kind of jumping ball blast game that is also called the Helix Blast game. It’s fun and exciting with incredible 3D graphics and amazing gameplay. The simple controlling system, but with challenging-enough gameplay made it more exciting and interesting. You can play it with just one hand. The control only involves sliding, tapping, and holding. You’ll have to be alert all the time! If you are looking for a simple, fun, and relaxing game to play on your Android, you shouldn’t ignore it.

    How to Play

    It’s simple as I said earlier. All you need to control a colorful bouncing ball while it’s falling and jumping from a 3D tower with colorful alcoves. Here below are the steps –

    • Keep the ball descending through the colorful alcoves
    • Make the ball safely land at the bottom of the tower not hitting the black alcoves.
    • Avoid the black alcoves, descending through black will make the ball blast and the game will be over.
    • Change the ball’s direction anytime by tapping the screen of your device
    • Tap long to make the ball descend through the alcoves and let go, the ball stops.
    • Timing is everything. You must know when to hold and when to let go.

    Features at a glance

    • Free to download
    • Simple one-hand controlling system.
    • Stunning gameplay
    • Vibrant colorfulness and incredible 3D graphics
    • Fun, exciting, refreshing, and pretty challenging
    • Play for hours after hours for as long as you want — lots of levels
    • Play offline anywhere anytime you like.

    Download Tower Ball Blast

    So, what are you waiting for? Download Tower Ball Blast right now on your Android phone and enjoy the real delight of the helix tower ball game! Happy Gaming!

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